SGR Regina Photo

Regina, CEO & Co-founder

Hello! I am Regina, a wife, mother, and co-founder of SG Rehab.

My journey as an entrepreneur started from a tender age of 4. Back then, I would sell toy dolls from a little cart outside of my father's furniture store and now, more than 3 decades later, I am living my dreams running SG Rehab and our joint venture company, MindChamps Allied Care @ Marina Square.

My passion in the helping profession guided me to become a registered Occupational Therapist in Singapore in 2006 and in 2014, I co-founded SG Rehab with an excellent team, with a mission to empower occupational therapists and physiotherapists with more time for the people and things that matter through flexible locum or part-time work arrangements. As a mother myself, I am especially passionate about creating a family and child-friendly landscape in Singapore through the work that SG Rehab does, and advocating for mothers' rights to own the way they work so that mothers can be an active contributor both at home and at the workplace.

I believe in advocating for fellow occupational therapists and physiotherapists to grow and progress in areas such as work-life balance, salary, and career development, and have volunteered my time and energy with SIT to interview incoming occupational therapy students. It's been an enriching experience connecting and interacting with our future generation of OTs!

I am extremely grateful for my family of 4 and my amazing team at SG Rehab as well MindChamps Allied Care @ Marina Square!

SGR Peiting Photo

Peiting, Business & People Development

Hi! I'm Peiting and I'll be the first person from our team to say hi when you first get in touch with us!

My job is to learn more about you and your aspirations as you look towards the next phase of your career as an occupational therapist or physiotherapist, and then help you make that leap in the smartest and most fuss-free way possible.

Your next destination could look like 5 mornings of work so you could go home early to your little tot(s), or 4 full days of work so that you could have an extra "cheat day" a week to nurture your love for dance, martial arts, or whatever's beckoning out to your heart, or it could simply be a next full-time role in the community that would widen your horizons and help you learn and grow professionally.

Whatever your next destination is, I'll do my best to make that possible for you.

If you get to know me better, you'll find that I talk and laugh waayy louder than I should - I'll neither admit nor deny that I have food in my mouth while doing so. Apart from my work, I find lots of meaning volunteering my time in the community and spending time with my family and friends, my nearest and dearest.

SGR Photo Jacqueline

Jacqueline, Finance

Hello, my name is Jacqueline. While I manage the books for SG Rehab, a large part of my work also involves making sure that locums like you get paid every month, on time, and every time.

I have been with the company for 6 years and I'm loving it! It’s been great to work with friendly folks everyday.

As a lot of my work involves staring at the screen and looking at numbers and figures, I make the effort to get outdoors and active. I love taking in the crisp, fresh air in the morning as I cycle and listen to the latest pop music over the airwaves (98.7fm's my fave). My resolution for the year is to shed some weight, increase my physical endurance, and achieve the cycling distance target I have set for myself - and I am very serious about it!

Besides my exercise routine, I also spend my leisure time getting lost in Chinese novels and creating beautiful memories with my niece and nephew who have been such a joy to watch growing up.