Wherever You Are, We Take You Further.

If you are feeling stagnant in your current job but unsure about your next step or simply looking to understand the job horizon ahead of you with an open mind to new career opportunities, we are committed to support you.

Let SG Rehab guide you to take firmer steps forward in your career.

We are insiders of the local healthcare sector. Our founders are clinicians and healthcare management professionals who built successful careers in this sector and our goal is to help you do the same.

Wherever you are, Let us take you further.

Why work with SG Rehab?


We are compassionate and humane in all that we do.

Between “Human” and “Resource”, we believe “Human” is more important. When we are Human about our processes, the Resource will care for itself.

This is why place humans at the core of all our processes and we take the time to forge heartfelt connections with you to understand your values and priorities in life. We want to offer you only the most relevant job opportunities and career advice for the best employment outcomes.


We understand the local healthcare sector (including your potential employers) inside out.

Why is this so important? Because picking an organization to spend more than half of your waking hours in can be a tough decision and sometimes, it could feel like a wildcard draw.


Let SG Rehab help ease the apprehension. Our founders are insiders of the local healthcare sector and over the years, we have been diving deep into the sector, working with movers and shakers and getting the pulse of the sector. We have come to understand not just the sector’s spoken norms, but its unspoken norms. This means we understand your needs; those known to you, and also those unknown to you. (Just like how your best friend knows you need that pint of ice cream (or beer) even before you do.)


Ultimately, you can trust us to make meaningful job recommendations for you with our insights into the sector and your potential employers coupled with our understanding of your values and priorities in life.



We represent you on your journey from start to end.

Our role here is to do the most for you so that you can do the least. We have direct access to the people with decision making powers and will communicate with them on your behalf from start to end. We will improve on your resumes for the best interview opportunities, help to negotiate for the best salary possible or turn down an offer on your behalf so that you can avoid the tough (and sometimes awkward) conversations to start your new job on the best note possible.