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Be a Locum with SG Rehab.

If you are an AHPC-registered therapist, the fact that you are here tells us that you want more from life.

SG Rehab is here to help. Through our simple and proven 3-step process, we empower AHPC-registered therapists like you to move from a life of Frustration to a life of Freedom with Locum work in as fast as a week, saving you from the pains of unnecessary trial and error, figuring things out on your own as a self-employed Therapist. I want to Discover More.

Partner healthcare organizations in both the public and private sphere.

If you are on this page, it is likely because are looking for some help.

  • You are likely an AHPC-registered therapist who is feeling bogged down by all the administrative duties involved in your day-to-day work that is stealing time away from client hours and real clinical work.
  • Perhaps you are feeling stagnant in your current work environment and would like to explore a new work setting.
  • Maybe you’re transiting into a new phase of your life and you want to grow your income.
  • Or maybe you simply want some time to yourself or with your loved ones this season, to take things a little slower and to smell the roses.

You are want the luxury of time to do the things you love with the people you love, and the capability to earn a respectable income for yourself and your family at the same time. 

In short, you are looking to live life on your own terms, by your own design and not by default. With SG Rehab, you can achieve this.

We know exactly what it’s like to feel trapped in a full-time job that is not aligned with your values and current lifestyle preferences.

Back in the days, the founders of SG Rehab, too, suffered from feeling stuck in a full-time job that was not supporting their values and lifestyle preferences. They were feeling tired out by the amount of time spent on administrative duties and wanted more time to themselves and to care for their family. They searched for many different ways to live life on their own terms and still be able make a living. After a long time of seeking and researching, they finally found a solution that empowered them to remain in the Allied Health profession and at the same time, care for their family both physically and financially in ways better than ever before.

Their lives changed when they realized the power of Locum work and with Locum work, they managed to lead a life of Freedom on their own terms.

You are not Alone.

The biggest problem we face is fear. The fear of not being able to care for our family. It’s the fear of not having enough time to spend with our loved ones, despite the best of our intentions.

The tragic truth is that some people live with this fear for the rest of their lives, never finding a way to take control of their time and to live life on their own terms. 

What if we told you that you could lead a life of Freedom with SG Rehab?

If it sounds too good to be true, it is because we do all the hard work for you.

Through our proven and simple 3-step process, we will ensure that you embark on your Locum journey on the right footing. We help you to avoid all the common mistakes, pitfalls, and misguided turns most people make on their locum journey so that you can enjoy all the benefits of being a locum – the flexibility of time, enhanced financial capabilities, ability to focus on clinical work, explore a variety of work settings, and so much more.

Allow us to share with you how through our trusted and proven 3-step process, we can help you to make use of Locum work to unlock a life of Freedom.

1. Converse

The first step of our process is to Converse with you. We appreciate that you are an individual with a unique set of values, needs, and lifestyle and work preferences. We will always seek to understand you intimately before we make any Locum project recommendations.

2. Connect

We then Connect you to the best Locum opportunities through our extensive network of partners in both the public and private healthcare sphere that match those needs and preferences. We are respectful of your wishes and will always seek your consent before sharing your information with our Client Organizations.

3. Continue

So we have Connected you to a Locum project that matches your needs and preferences and you are happy. But this is not the end! We are in this with you for the long haul and we are here to ensure that you Continue to reap all the benefits of Locum work for as long as you would like.
This is why 2 months before your Locum project expires, we kick-start our crucial Renewal Process to ensure that you are not stranded without a Locum project and suddenly find yourself without an income.

This is the step that many people tend to overlook but actually the step that makes all  the difference in your long-time success as a Locum therapist.

Through our 3-step process, you can finally be liberated from unnecessary administrative work to focus on the work that really matters, have the luxury of time to do the things you love with the people you love, while being able to earn a respectable income for yourself and your family.

85% of people fail because they do not have a system.

Locum therapists who choose to work with SG Rehab are able to crack the code and enjoy a life of Freedom because they were able to leverage off our years of expertise in this field and rely on our proven system to fully reap the benefits of being a Locum fast, while avoiding the multiple risks of being a self-employed clinician.

When you first decide to embark on a locum journey, you may find that you have many different Locum project options to choose from, some more attractive than the others. Perhaps, the Locum project offered by SG Rehab is but just 1 option among your platter of options.

The most common mistake many people tend to make is that they fail to take a long-term view of things, misguidedly prioritizing short-term gains over long-term gains. Never be penny wise pound foolish.

A locum project that may seem to pay very well often tends not to be sustainable in the long-term. What this means is that you will often find yourselves having to search for a new project again and again, sometimes even multiple times through the year. Without the established network that SG Rehab has, your turnaround time between projects may be long, resulting in long gaps in income for you through the year.

Many therapists who tried to work it out on their own often find their way to SG Rehab eventually. And it is no surprise. Some found themselves out of locum work too often, too fast, some felt that they did not have a voice or any rights as an independent Locum in an organization, while others simply felt unprotected.

Locum therapists who make us their partners on their Locum journey are people like you, with families like yours.

With SG Rehab guiding and supporting our Locum therapists every step of the way, our Locum therapists are able to achieve a life of Freedom in a safe, reliable and most importantly, sustainable manner.

Because a great Locum partner for you knows what is going to happen, helps you to anticipate any unpredictable roadblocks along the way, and steps in to handle any challenges that may stand in your way so that you can remain on your Locum journey for as long as you should decide to.

SG Rehab is here for you for the long haul.

You can be the next person we help.

Connect with us at or drop us a tinker at 69800858 to begin your journey to Freedom.

Here’s to all of us living life on our own terms, by our own design and not by default! Your Passport to Freedom!

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