SG Rehab, your Human Resource Partner.

We are in the line of people. And that is why we place people – Human Resource personnel, hiring managers and candidates alike – at the heart of all our processes.

We take the time to make human connections with all stakeholders and deeply understand their needs to ensure the best recruitment outcomes.

We are Insiders. SG Rehab’s founders are clinicians and management professionals from the local healthcare sector. We listen. And we listen hard. Not only to what you require of your candidates, but also the chatter within the sector.

From our vantage point of working with a myriad of healthcare organizations and stakeholders, we pick up on the explicit and the implicit to sense the pulse of the sector.  This means we understand your needs; those known to you, and also those unknown to you.

Ultimately, we seek to unlock our candidates’ potential with the best candidate-organization match possible so that they may go on to unlock your organization’s potential.

Why work with SG Rehab?


Because we take the time to connect with and gain a profound understanding of the needs of our stakeholders, we only recommend candidates who are relevant to your organization.


Over the years, we have established an extensive network of clinicians, notably therapists, in Singapore. Working with us means gaining immediate access to a huge community of clinicians for quick and effective hires.


Combined with our in-depth sector knowledge, we will help you make successful hires for your continued operational success and minimise the painful economic and operational costs resulting from unsuitable hires.